About Newpoint Estates

How do I get to Newpoint Estates?
You can get directions here.

How can I find property to purchase in Newpoint Estates?
Go to the HAR website, and search for "Newpoint Estates" under Subdivision. The HAR website also has additional information regarding Newpoint Estates.

What is Fresno, Texas?
Fresno is an unincorporated area of Fort Bend County, which is usually used to refer to an area north of Arcola and highway 6 on highway 521. Newpoint Estates residents have a Fresno mailing address because they are served by the Fresno Post Office, which is located at 4725 Teal Bend Blvd., just across Highway 6 from Newpoint Estates. Since the beginning of 2012, all of Newpoint Estates has been located in Missouri City.

How much are annual assessments?
$345 annually, payable at the beginning of the year.

What public schools do children in Newpoint Estates attend?
Fort Bend Independent School District Schools.

What is the minimum size of residences that may be built in Newpoint Estates?
The total living area of any single family dwelling, exclusive of open porches and garages, is 3,000 square for a single story residence and 3,500 feet for a two-story residence.

What are the permitted hours for construction activity?
The deed restrictions permit outside construction work or noisy interior construction work between the hours of 7 AM and 10 PM.

Can I have horses on my land?
Yes. The deed restrictions allow one horse per acre.

Can I hunt wild hogs or other animals on my land?
The deed restrictions of Newpoint Estates and Missouri City ordinances prohibit the discharge of firearms on property within the subdivision and city limits of Missouri City.

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